WE'RE BACK!!! KINCast starts of the New Year with Dr. Glen Belfry. I've had lots of requests for this interview. I've had the pleasure of working very closely with Glen since starting at Western. I thought I knew the man, but we dive into some stories that were very new to me! Had a great time with a great prof and an even better human being. Welcome back to school and ENJOY the episode!

This episode features Dr. Al Salmoni. Al has been a professor, researcher and administrator at Laurentian University (my alma mater!) and Western. He has recently spear headed the new Kin mentorship program that is being offered. If there is one thing I learned throughout our conversation, it's that he cares for the health and well being of his students, immensely! 

KINCast #12 - Rob Caryn

Rob Caryn is an instructor in the School of Kinesiology, he teaches in the Advanced Ergonomics program at Fanshawe College, works as part of a medical rehab team performing gait analyses, he's recently became a father and most importantly... he is a fellow Foo Fighters fan!

Michelle is a PhD student in the Exercise Biochemistry lab at Western. By the time this podcast will be published, she will have completed her dissertation defence and on her way to bigger and better things! Michelle and I discuss her research, her path into research, her background and what her future plans are. Interesting side note, Michelle freely admitted that her undergrad background wasn't very focused in chemistry. However, after speaking with Michelle, it was clear that her drive and determination helped her tremendously throughout her PhD.

Dr. Marc Mitchell is a new hire in the School of Kinesiology. He will be the professor responsible for developping the new Clinical Kinesiology module at Western. He has a PhD., post-doctoral experience, he's played football in the CFL and he helped develop an app called "Carrot". If you wanna know more about Dr. Mitchell, you'll have to listen to the podcast :) !

Today's guest is Jenn Plaskett. Jenn is a Western Kin alum, former Head Coach of the Western Women's Field Hockey Team and is currently working as the Graduate Program Coordinator. We talk about her time as a student and athlete, her time as a coach, her current job duties, tips for students wanting to get into a Master's or PhD program and the business that her and her husband currently own. What business do you ask? You'll have to listen to find out! Thanks again to Jenn for joining me!

Dr. Lemon is the Sport and Nutrition professor here at Western. He's also the Head Coach of the Western Women's Softball team. We had a great chat and covered lots of different facets of exercise physiology, nutrition and coaching.

Today's guest is Stephanie Paplinksie. Western KIN undergrad and Master's alum. Steph is also the owner of Strongherfitness (focused on pre and post natal populations) and strength and conditioning coach at Hybrid Fitness. She will be enrolled as a PhD student beginning in September 2017. She teaches part time at Fanshawe College and was an instructor at Western for many years... Needless to say, Steph is a very busy person and has had lots of different experiences within the area of strength and conditioning/kinesiology. We talk about her foray into body building competitions, her athletic endeavors, struggles with depression and body image and lots more!

An extra thank you has to go to Steph, because I forgot to save our first attempt at recording and she was gracious enough to sit down with me AGAIN!

You can follow Steph on lots of different social media platforms at @strongherfitness



In this episode I'm joined by Academic Counsellor, Miranda Wickett. We discuss topics like; dance, owning your own business, body image, more dancing, Miranda's interesting career path to working in the School of Kinesiology, how students can help themselves when transitioning to university, and then finally... more about dancing!

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